Active Release Technique

What is ART and Myofascial Release?

ART is a form of soft tissue therapy that when the body sustains an injury and it begins to form scar tissue, it is designed to break up and remove the adhesions.  If these adhesions remain they will prohibit proper movement and entrap nerves throughout your body.  How do the soft tissues get injured?  Micro and Macro trauma, repetitive motions at work or with sports can cause these injuries.  Simple activities such as sitting at the computer, running, cycling, improper posture, and any actions that get carried out repetitively will cause injury to the soft tissue. 

  • Problems that scar tissue and adhesions cause? 
    • Restricted range of motion
    • Loss of strength
    • Causes pain and discomfort

ART is a hands on procedures that are aimed at breaking up the soft-tissue injuries to help facilitate proper function.  ART when properly employed has a success rate of 90 % even with chronic problems.

How does chiropractic tie in with this?  By treating these soft tissue injuries, the chiropractic adjustment will hold and be much more stable.  This will allow for an increase in range of motion and increases in strength leading to more optimal preforming nervous system.

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